Setting Up Your Moxie

This guide explains how to download Moxie.Build from our website, and launch it locally for development.


Download Moxie:

  1. Click the Get Started dropdown menu, then Moxie.Build.
  2. Download Moxie, and save to wherever you like on your computer.
  3. Copy & extract that folder, and rename to the name of your project.

Run server:

  1. Navigate to your Moxie folder on your computer.
  2. Run the Run server as App.bat file (this starts your local Moxie server).

Enable DB Admin:

  1. In your browser address bar, type localhost to access your local Moxie server.
  2. Click Get Started, then Login (the default username/password is admin/admin).
  3. Click Your Account, then Admin, then System, then Enable DB Admin.

You are now ready for development in Moxie!