Templates Documentation

Prerequisites: This tutorial assumes that you have already learned about Managing Files.

Getting Started

1. Create/Upload the template file and the folder.

a. Create the Template folder

- Click the Templates folder in the Files. Then Click New Sub-Folder under the Sub-Folders dropdown menu and create the folder.


 b. Upload the template file

- If you created the template folder, click the folder you created. Then Upload template file using the Upload button

- Notice: For Moxie system, you must make a template file name as Template.htm

- Tips: If you don't know how to create the custom template files, please copy the default Moxie Template file to the template folder you created.



- Notice: If you copy the default Moxie Template, you must change the href of Custom.CSS link (line #: 11)



2. Change the default template of the page you create to the custom template. (assumes that you have already Learn More About the Admin and Office Interface)

a. Click "=" button and create a Procedure.



b. Add Moxie command TemplateName with template location (without '/template') in the Source Code field. Then create the procedure for the page.

3. Customize the CSS, JS, and Html.

- You can add CSS and JS folder under the custom template folder. Then add the links on the custom template file