Takes one parameter, QueryName


Creates a new Query Object, named as per the QueryName parameter, with the correct Fields to be used with the ProcECom command.

Input and Output Fields

The following Fields are mandatory inputs:

The following Fields are used as Return values. Typically, check that ECom.Err is blank, then act on the value of ECom.Decision, and if Declined, display the value of ECom.Description. When Approved, be sure to save ECom.ConfirmationNumber.

The following Fields are optional inputs:

ECommerce and Merchant Accounts

As per the Moxie License Agreement, the ECom system in Moxie is tied directly to one or more service providers supported by Cnawlece Incorporated. At present, the sole provider is Moneris. A Credit Card Merchant Account by Moneris is resold by Cnawlece Incorporated, whom receives commission for this sale. The proceeds from this commission pay for the development of Moxie; which is otherwise provided free of charge.