Templates Documentation

Prerequisites: This tutorial assumes that you have already learned about Managing Files.

Getting Started

1. Create/Upload the template file and the folder:

a. Create the Template folder:

- Click the Templates folder in the Files. Then Click New Sub-Folder under the Sub-Folders dropdown menu and create the folder.


 b. Upload the template file:

- After you created the template folder, click the folder you created. Then Upload the template file using the Upload button.

- Notice: For Moxie system, you must use a template file named Template.htm

- Tips: If you don't know how to create the custom template files, please copy the default Moxie Template file to the template folder you created.



- Note: If you copy the default Moxie Template, you must change the href subfolder of Custom.CSS link (line #: 11)



2. Change the default template of the page you create to the custom template (this assumes that you have already gone through the Learn More About the Admin and Office Interface tutorial):

a. Click the = button and create a Procedure.



b. Add Moxie command TemplateName with template location (without '/template') in the Source Code field. Then create the procedure for the page.

3. Customize the CSS, JS, and HTML: