Learn More About the Admin and Office Interface

Prerequisites: In order for an end user to get into the admin section of a Moxie.Build website, that user's MemTab.Person must have a MemTab.Group attached to them. Anyone who can access the admin section already is able to add a MemTab.Group to any other user.

Getting Started

Once logged in, select admin from the Account or Me dropdown menu. The first page that appears when an office staff logs in is a customizable getting started page. This page is usually customized with client specific links to direct staff to some of the more important parts of the admin section.


When an office staff views the Tables page, they have a lot of the same options as a DBAdmin but some things are removed. For example, office staff are unable to create any new tables, delete any tables, or perform any relational imports, these buttons are hidden. Additionally, office staff are restricted from adding, removing or changing any of the fields of a table as well.


Office staff are unable to create, delete, or modify any of the relationships between tables, however, they can view the relationships between all tables.


Office staff are able to run some procedures from this area, but they are unable to create, delete or modify any existing procedures.