Learn More About the Content Management System

Prerequisites: This page assumes that you have already set up your Moxie.Build server and logged in as an admin user. This page covers some of the basics that are involved in using the Content Management aspects of the Moxie.Build system.

Categories & Posts

Categories: Think of a Category like a page on your website. A Category can either be a standalone page, or a page that umbrellas one or more other pages (or "Posts").

Posts: A Post is another type of page on your website, but it is not a standalone page. A Post is a page that belongs to a Category.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not give a post and a category the same alias as each other, Moxie will look for one and find the first one and assume that is the correct one which may not be true.

The ~ + p = links

Navigate to the component (this could be a page, a section of a page, or the footer) you wish to interact with. At the bottom of this component, you should see these links. Hovering over any of these links will give a brief description of what that link does. You may see some or all of these links, depending on your logged in user permissions and the context.

These links are defined as follows:

Editing a Category/Post

As per the above section, clicking the ~ (tilde) icon will open a new tab or window in your browser, where you can edit the Intro. This is the short (1-3 lines, ideally) blurb that will appear on search results within your website. Below the Editor, below the  Update button, there are a few more links:

Template Insertion Points in CMS Content

The Category/Post Name/Title, Intro, and Body may use [ ? Name ? ] (without spaces between the [ ] and the ?s) in order to include a template insertion point for other content to be loaded into, typically from either a Content.Other record or added by a MOX procedure. Bootstrap Glyph icons can be referenced this way using [ ? i name ? ] (again, without the spaces between the [ ] and the ?s) where the name is something like "ok" e.g. [ ? i ok ? ] 

Important Things to Know in the Editor

When editing a Category or Post, there are some important features to note.

The Formats dropdown by default contains all styles included with Bootstrap, although not all will be directly usable by text, it does help to serve as a complete reference.

The button is used to insert or edit hyperlinks. To use this, select the text you want to turn into a link, and click the button. This will bring up a menu asking for a couple of things:

The button is used to insert images. To use this, put your text cursor where you want to insert the image, and click the button. This will bring up a menu asking for a couple of things: