Download Moxie.Build

Free Download of Moxie.Build

Delivered as a simple .zip file, so that you can set it up however you like.

This approach allows you to custom install many services on one server,
or just run it as an app without an install.



Release Notes

All recent changes to Moxie.Build are documented in the Confirmed for Next Release list on our public Trello Board

In order to Upgrade an existing copy of Moxie.Build V4 to the most recent version, you can use our Upgrade system that is designed to help automate multi-service systems, or you can just replace the following files/folders:

  • Moxie.exe
  • Moxie.dll
  • Default.dll
  • /DBStore/BuiltIn.*
  • /Lib
  • /Public/BuiltIn
  • /Templates/Admin
  • /Templates/Clean
  • /Templates/Default
  • /Templates/Report