Takes one parameter, FilePath


This command is used primarily for development purposes. It is used to save a debug log to your hard disk. Details regarding the stack trace and much more are saved so that they can be reviewed when there is a problem/bug that is difficult to find.

The columns are as follows:



TRON "Private/LogFile1.txt"


Method Test()
    HtmlAlert    "Got Here"
    [New] vTest = 0
    HtmlAlert    vTest
    TRONLog "This is a note for my TRON log"
End Method

TRON text file output:

 56354.642    0006A558  24,521,359  BuiltIn.KurtisTestingEnv    00004    Input    Output    Test
 56354.642    0006A558  24,521,359  BuiltIn.KurtisTestingEnv    00007    test.Input    test.Output    HtmlAlert "Got Here"
 56354.642    0006A558  24,521,359  BuiltIn.KurtisTestingEnv    00009    test.Input    test.Output    [New] vTest = 0
 56354.642    0006A558  24,521,359  BuiltIn.KurtisTestingEnv    00009    test.Input    test.Output    [New] vTest = 0
 56354.642    0006A558  24,521,359  BuiltIn.KurtisTestingEnv    00011    test.Input    test.Output    HtmlAlert vTest
 56354.643    0006A558  24,521,359  BuiltIn.KurtisTestingEnv    00013    test.Input    test.Output    TRONLog "This is a note for my TRON log"
 56354.643    0006A558  24,521,359  This is a note for my TRON log