Takes one parameter, TestCondition


Given the test criteria, the number of records in the Work Query that evaluate as True will returned. This command is not available as a Field Attribute, it is only available in MOX due to the fact it operates on the Work Query.

The first part of the Test must be a field name in the current scope, the next item after a space must be a valid comparison, the final item may be a field name or a string literal. For a simple bool test without a comparison, just specify the field name. The list of Condition operators, Text and Math, are generic across other If commands in MOX, and are documented on the Syntax page. Note the separate list of Math vs. Text

If one or more records evaluate as True the number of records is returned as a number. If zero records evaluate as True a blank string (False) will be returned.


[New] Count [CountIf] Field.Name = "Condition"
Bills [CountIf] Firstname = "Bill"

EnsureFields "Error"
ErrorCount [CountIf] Error