Takes two parameters, Source, Search 


Similar to Last, LastAny$ searches the last string of the Source for the Search value. If a match is found, this function will return the last string of the original source value up to, but not including the search value. If any of the characters (bytes) in the Search value are present in the Source, they are removed from the Source and the Source is returned. If none of the characters (bytes) in Search are present in Source, then the original Source is returned.


Rem 'Compare Last$ and LastAny$
[New] TestFieldList = "a1ab1abc1abcd"

[New] TestFieldA = LastAny$ TestFieldList, "a1"

[New] TestFieldB = Last$ TestFieldList, "a1"

Html TestFieldA 'TestFieldA is equal to "bcd"
Html TestFieldB 'TestFieldB is equal to "ab1abc1abcd"