Takes one existing Source value, and two parameters of equal length, SearchVals, NewVals


Note: both the SearchVals and NewVals parameters need to be the same length, and both parameters are case sensitive.

This command as well as the Replace command require a source value to the left of this calculation.

This command replaces all values from source that match a value from SearchVals with the corresponding value from NewVals.

The values are correlated between SearchVals and NewVals based on their index. In the example below, 'a' corresponds with 'x', and 'b' corresponds with 'y'.


[New] SearchVals = "ab"
[New] NewVals = "xy"
[New] source = "bac"

source = ReplaceAny$ SearchVals, NewVals

Html source 'Result is equal to "yxc"