Takes two parameters, Source, Value


Converts the Source Time or DateTime to the new time zone specified in the Value parameter.

The Source parameter must be either a proper time value, or a proper datetime value as supported by the [DateTime] attribute. The new time zone specified by Value must also be in one of time zone formats shown in [DateTime].

Note: Source times that do not specify a time zone, as well as a blank Value parameter are treated as local time and use the host operating system's time zone. As per RFC 3339, Z denotes the time zone of UTC.


[New] LocToUTC    = TimeZone$ "2022-03-01 13:30", "Z"
[New] UTCToLoc = TimeZone$ "2022-03-01 13:30Z", ""
[New] PacificDT = TimeZone$ "2022-03-01 13:30-05", "-8"
[New] PacificT = TimeZone$ "13:30-05", "-8"