Takes one parameter, Type


This new command allows you to manually specify the Template Type, and takes just a single parameter which is the name of the type.

The only options at this time are:

Template.htm files should have the Template Type specified in them so that this TemplateType command is not needed in most cases. This should be done on the second line after DOCTYPE, and be in the format of  [ !TMPLTYPE VALUE ]  with VALUE being replaced with one of the options above.

The BYO variants of the options skip adding Bootstrap's CSS, JS, and Icons to the BuiltInCSS and BuiltInJS Template Insertion Points, and then changes the value of the Template Type to the non-BYO option of the same version. These options are available to support third party themes that bundle Bootstrap within the theme's CSS and JS files.

Because the Type of the Template affects what code Moxie produces, if you are going to change the Template you should use the TemplateName command prior to generating any output, and likewise, if you are going to override the TemplateType, do so before generating any output.

If you are creating a custom Template in memory by using the TemplateCustom command, or using the AjaxReply command, and if you need to specify a specific Template Type other than the Default Type configured in the Setup table, then the TemplateType command should be used to set the Type prior to generating any output.

What the current Template Type is can be retrieved using the [TemplateType] Top Query Attribute.