Takes three parameters, TableName, SearchTerms, SearchInFields


The WorkQuery will be reset and then loaded with any Records from TableName where the Record contains all of the words contained in SearchTerms within the specified SearchInFields parameter. If SearchInFields is not specified or is blank, all Fields will be searched. Note that each of the SearchTerm words may come from different Fields.

Note: SearchTerms must be at least 2 characters in length.

Search is a very fast way to load matching Records out of a Database Table; much faster than loading the entire Table and then using KeepIf for specific Field(s). If matches of specific values for specific Fields are needed, it will be fastest to use Search to fetch Records from the Database that contain the criteria in any named Field, and then use KeepIf on each specific Fields to narrow the results of this now smaller data set (as opposed to loading the entire Table with LoadTable and filtering with KeepIf on the much larger data set.)


TableName, SearchTerms, SearchInFields
TableName, SearchTerms, [""]
[WorkWith], SearchTerms, SearchInFields
[WorkWith], SearchTerms, [""]


[New] SearchTerms = "James John Jimmy"

Search "MemTab.Person", SearchTerms, "FirstName"