Takes no parameters


When performing a Database New, Update, Delete, Attach, or Detach, a SkipCalls / End SkipCalls block will skip the Attributes and/or Procedures associated with the Record(s). The data will be stored in the Database as is. During Attach, the Relationship Ratio Checks will also be skipped.

It is faster to perform each step of processing logic on many records at once, instead of performing all steps on one Record before moving to the next. Therefore, when performing bulk updates there is significantly less overhead to apply processing logic on all of the Records first and then commit them to the database inside a SkipCalls / End SkipCalls block.

If the above situation is not a temporary job, the processing logic should be contained in a Public Method or an Include, so that there is only one copy of the logic which can be called either from a Message Handler in normal situations, or a custom Procedure for bulk processing when needed.


SetNew "MemTab.Person.Alias", `pAlias
End SkipCalls