Takes ten parameters, TableName, OldProcName, NewProcName, Type, Params, GroupTypes, Label, Note, DevNote, Source


In the table specified by TableName, update the procedure named ProcName with the new specified values. If the procedure is not being renamed, OldProcName and NewProcName should be identical.

All fields need their data to be submitted as escpated HTML using the WebSafe$. When using the ListProcs command, the data is returned in this format already. Also, any data submitted via a URL parameter or URL encoded form data to Moxie has WebSafe$ applied automatically.


NewTableProc "MemTab.Person", "ListAll", "ListAll", "Table Report", "", ("DB Admin" & $I & "Office Admin"), "List All", "Lists all users in the system", "Last updated by Bob to change the sort order", pSource