Takes two parameters, FileName, bHasHeader


FileName, bHasHeader
FileName, ["y"]


Given a local file name path, it is parsed into the WorkQuery using CRLF characters for Records and TAB characters for Fields. The file used with this function should be of a .txt, .tab, or .tsv extension.

The WS on this command denotes that it parses whitespace and quotes within quoted fields correctly. There is a performance overhead from handling this, but the tradeoff should be accepted for all general purpose use cases. If the data will only ever come from a trusted source and these aspects are not required, consider using the LoadTabFile command.

This command applies both AnsiToUtf8$ and WebSafe$ to the data during the loading process. If these conversions are not desired, use a combination of LoadFile$ and TabStream or TabStreamWS instead.


LoadTabFileWS "Private/someData.tab"