Takes a variable number of parameters, FieldBase, Destination, Source, Test1, Test2, [etc...]


Note: Unlike most other statements in MOX, because of the dynamic number of other items you must specify a blank FieldBase when it is not needed and they are not otherwise set by the WorkWith command.

Copy the value of Source to the Destination Field only if any of the Test items evaluate to True. Each test item may be a Field name or a literal. When using a Field name, it will be True if the Field has any length to it (is not empty.) If the operator Not followed by a space is placed in front of a Field name then the logic is reversed, such that it will be True if it is empty.

If the Source is set to "Bool" then it will assign a value of "y" to the Destination Field if the criteria is True, otherwise it will clear the Destination.


FieldBase, Destination, Source, Test1, Test2, [etc...]
[WorkWith], Destination, Source, Test1, Test2, [etc...]


SetIfAny     "", "IsAdmin", "`y", "Person.Role.Admin", "Person.Role.Owner"