Takes four parameters, FieldBase, FieldName, Source, IfLenFld


FieldBase, FieldName, Source, IfLenFld
[WorkWith], FieldName, Source, IfLenFld
[WorkWith], FieldName, Source, [""]
FieldBase, FieldName, Source, [WorkIf]
[WorkWith], FieldName, Source, [WorkIf]


Creates a new field in the current work query with the value set to Source.

This is useful when you already have the parent Alias of a relationship that you want to include. You can set your current work query to contain the parent Alias and then call the Children command.


SetNew    "MemTab.Person.Alias", `pPersonAlias  'Setting from plain text from Top Query field
Children "MyExample.ChildRelationship"
SetNew  "MemTab.Person.", "BirthdateDuplicate", "Birthdate", "Birthdate" 'Setting from Work Query field