Takes 3 parameters, Trigger, DestinationID, Path


This Field Attribute causes the HtmlForm command to build an Ajax call to the server any time the event trigger occurs, and then places the returned data from the server in the destination element on the page. The Ajax call to the server will include the data from all fields in the form.

Note that the usage of the [Raw] Attribute expects the Field Name for the Field to still exist. If not, this will cause an error when using the [Ajax] attribute on the same form. If the field itself is not actually needed, it should be created as a blank hidden field within the [Raw] markup.


[Ajax] Trigger, DestinationID, Path
[Ajax] DestinationID, Path

If Trigger is not specified, an appropriate trigger, or set of triggers, is selected automatically based on the type of Field. Also, it is okay to use the [Ajax] Attribute on a Field more than once in order to specify additional Triggers.

DestinationID should be a unique ID of an HTML element that you have put elsewhere on the page or embedded in the Form, typically as a Note, Header, Footer, or Read Only Field.

Path is the URL the Ajax call should for the server side processing


See /Developers to see how the [Ajax] Field Attribute is used to update the Total Fruit Read Only Field which uses both Apples and Oranges to maintain a value of their sum.