Parameter is a space separated list of field names to have the display table sorted by when displaying search results in the Admin interface.


Always sort any queries made for this Record. May place a # symbol in front of a Field to sort it numerically, and a - symbol may be used to reverse the sort order. When both # and - are used together they should be in the order of -#FieldName

As with all Attributes that do not apply to a particular Field, but instead the entire record, this Attribute should be placed into the Alias Field's Attribute list.

Note that the user's sort choice is saved as a browser-session cookie and overrides this setting on a per-record basis: When visiting new records the default will be used, but if the user changes the sort order on a record it will be remembered until the browser is restarted or the cookies are cleared.


[SearchSort] #Age -#DollarsInBank