[Notify] Update Related on Attach / Detach

Has no parameters.


For the Attach.Post event and the Detach.Post event, this will trigger a Database Update on the individual Record being Attached or Detached for the given Relationship. Note that this Update is triggered on the opposite side of the Relationship from the Table where the [NOTIFY] Attribute exists, such that it behaves the same as the [UPDATE] Attribute for Update.Post.

Use the [NOTIFY] Attribute instead of the [UPDATE] Attribute whenever it is necessary to be notified of attachments and detachments, but any updates while the items are attached are non-critical and/or will be handed manually.

This [NOTIFY] Attribute in itself does not cause cascading updates, however, if an item updated by [NOTIFY] has one or more [UPDATE] Attributes in other Relationships those will be triggered. This Attribute is ignored for Circle Relationships.