Cloudflare Integration

Cloudflare is a first and foremost a Web Application Firewall and Content Distribution Network, among other additional services.

Moxie.Build comes with tightly coupled Cloudflare integration for a seamless integration once configured. Upon updating public files and content management system content, Moxie.Build will automatically purge the Cloudflare cache for those resources, on both http and https URLs. In addition, on demand Cloudflare Purge menu items will show up in the Admin Files area on each file. The CFPurge MOX command provide developers with a quick and easy way to purge the CDN programmatically, and the CFApi$ MOX Top Query Function allows developers to easily tap into the entire Cloudflare API without having to manage the credentials in the code.

The Cloudflare integration requires some values to be set in the Moxie.cfg file, and some values to be set in the Setup table.

Moxie.cfg File

These and other advanced values are not available in the server setup window, and must be edited in the Moxie.cfg file manually. Note that the Server Setup window auto-saves the Moxie.cfg file on button clicks and on close; so don't have it open while you make manual changes to the file.

Setup Table

Moxie.log File

You can confirm that your configuration above is working via the following: