[Ensure] Field Exists

Takes a variable number of parameters, a comma separated list of TopQuery variable names


Parameter is a single new Field name or a comma separated list of Field names to ensure exists. This may be used when conditions are such that the given Fields may or may not already exists and as such a [New] command would sometimes fail. Optionally, to preserve the case of the new Field names, the list may be placed in a set of double quotes. Otherwise the new Field names will be forced to lowercase during the parsing of your code.

An important security consideration when using [Ensure] on the Request Query, or any other form of data that may be structured or submitted from a potentially hostile user: Just because your system does not submit a value in some circumstances, does not mean that a hostile user cannot send a value to your server. Therefore, any sensitive Field names that must remain blank (empty) unless purposefully populated by your code should always use the [New] command instead of [Ensure] so that any malicious attempt to submit a Field by that name will generate an error.


[Ensure] Var1, Var2, Var3