Takes two parameters, the User Alias, and the User PW to check


The new CheckPw$ text Function, and the equivalent function for the Text command, when given a user identifier of:

    Just an Alias from the default Login Table,
    or just an Alias from the default Handle Table,
    or Login.Table.Name|Alias,
    or Handle.Table.Name|Login.Table.Name|HandleAlias
    and the password to check,

will return:

   Table.Name|Alias of the user if the password is a match,
    otherwise it will return False (blank.)

    IsCorrectPw = CheckPw$ User, Pw
    Text "IsCorrectPW", "CheckPw", "User", "Pw"

**Notes**: Like the login system itself, this command has a built in delay of between 0 and 10 seconds if the password is incorrect; this helps mitigate some brute force attacks.