Takes one parameter, HtmlEscapedString, and returns the Unescaped Version of this string


This function takes a string of escaped HTML that may be stored inside the database and the database's procedures and returns the unescaped version. Note that the database stores procedures as escaped HTML, not unescaped so that is it safe to load and display that code in a browser. To escape the code again, use the WebSafe$ function.

This function, unlike RecoverHtml$ and RecoverHtmlObj$, does not filter at the tag level, it simply unescapes all escaped characters and may be used anytime unfiltered unescaping is required, even if used on data that is not MOX code, for example as part of unescaping data prior to escaping it with another encoding algorithm such as JSON. As such, this function is available as an option in the JsonEncode$ function, as well as the JsonStream$ function.

Warning: Careful consideration must be given prior to using any function that unescapes HTML prior or API or HTTP output; as JSON escaped data or otherwise. Consider carefully if the calling system(s) are expecting the data to be websafe (clean and ready to display in a web browser) or not. If unescaped data is sent to the client, it is critical that the client ensures that data is safe to display prior to placing it in the web browser's DOM.


[New] MoxCodeText = RecoverMox$ MoxCodeEscaped