Takes one parameter, EscapedTemplate, and returns the Unescaped Version of this string


This function takes a string of escaped template insertion points that may be stored inside the content management system and returns the unescaped version.

Because HTML is escaped while stored in the database, part of that includes escaping any template insertion points. These escaped template insertion points are not unescaped by RecoverHtml$ or RecoverHtmlObj$. Instead, template insertion points to be included in the content of the content management system (CMS) should use a format of square brackets instead of angle brackets surrounding the question marks. The CMS recovers these from the content's Title, Intro, and Body.

If working with CMS data manually in MOX code, it is required to recover these in addition to using RecoverHtml$ or RecoverHtmlObj$ if escaped template insertion points are to be supported in the content.


[New] TmplText = RecoverTmpl$ ContentWithEscapedTmpl