Takes one parameter, a List of possible group types


This command determines if the currently logged in user is part of any of the group types declared in the List parameter.

This will return true (y) if the user is in at least one of the listed groups passed in as a parameter. It will check if the current user is attached to any record on the table specified in Cnw.RightsTable, and if any of the said records match the parameter's list on the field specified in Cnw.RightsField. The aforementioned Cnw.RightsTable and Cnw.RightsField records are in the Setup table.


All of the following list syntaxes are correct.

[New] IsAdmin = SessionIsGroupType$ "DB Admin"

Html IsAdmin
[New] CheckGroup = SessionIsGroupType$ "DB Admin, Office Admin, Office"

Html CheckGroup
[New] IsAdminOrOffice = SessionIsGroupType$ ("DB Admin" & $I & "Office")

Html IsAdminOrOffice