Takes three parameters, Location, ClassNames, AlertText


Location, Class, AlertText
["MainAlerts"], Class, AlertText
["MainAlerts"], ["&info"], AlertText


Create a simple Bootstrap v3 Alert.

If a class name starts with & then the Bootstrap prefix of "alert alert-" will be added to the name. Otherwise the class will be used as is.

The class parameter, if choosing from the built in classes from Bootstrap, should be one of the following:

Note that since the above are CSS Class names, like all CSS3 Class names, they are case sensitive.

Further note that Bootstrap's danger alert class is used by HtmlErr and that command should be used instead of HtmlAlert with danger for such things.

Alerts are placed into a Template Insertion point named MainAlerts, however, this Template Insertion point is not required to be placed in a template. If MainAlerts does not exist in the Template, Moxie will append MainAlerts to the MainErrors Template Insertion point for you as part of the Html Output.


Rem 'Redirect and display success
        HtmlHistory "", "?"
        HtmlAlert   "&success", "< b >Success,</ b > bin created"