Record Action

Record Actions are presented to the users of the Default Admin interface and are also intended to be made available in a dynamic way to users of a customized front end. As an Action, the Procedure is expected to perform some sort of task, such as an automated set of updates to the Database Record.

Actions are able to modify the user interface or create their own user interface to interact with the user. A simple modification could be used to post a small status message somewhere on the page to let the user know the result of the Action. When called by the Default Admin interface, a Table Action can take full control and prevent the Default Admin interface from creating the typical page by setting the Result of the Output Query to "Exit" using the command [WQResult] "Exit" while the Work Query is set to "Output".

When a Record Action is initiated a Query Object named Input will be empty and will be set as the Top Query. The Record which the Action was called upon, will be loaded into a Query Object named Output and will be set as the Work Query. A third Query Object named Request will be created and populated with the HTTP(S) request, with any URL or POSTed variables already parsed into fields. The Request variables will already be sanitized for security and safe database storage.

Any changes made to any of these will be discarded; as such, if a Record update is necessary, the Procedure must specifically perform the Database update on it.