Takes three parameters, ChildTableName, ParentTableName, Mode


ChildTableName, ParentTableName, Mode
ChildTableName, ParentTableName, ["All"]


The Alias of Attached Parent Records will be added to the Query, using the specified mode.

It is important to note that the regular Children and Parents commands confirm that a records exists while joining the data and if an attachment exists for a non-existent record it does not load that attachment. In contrast, for ChildrenAlias and ParentsAlias, because the record data is not read, it is unaware if the records actually exists or not. Therefore, attachments to non-existent records will be loaded.

Mode must be one of: "All", "One", "Discard"


Parents "MemTab.Group", "MemTab.Person"

Parents "MemTab.Group", "MemTab.Person", "One"