Has six parameters, UniqueParent, DestField, FieldBase, UniqueChild, EmbedFields, Options


UniqueParent, DestField, EmbedFields, Options
UniqueParent, DestField, EmbedFields, ["Array Object"]


This command applies the JsonStream$ function for the specified fields for each UniqueParent for the purpose of embedding JSON structure inside of a hierarchy of JSON structure. For all sets of Records in the WorkQuery where the UniqueParent field matches (query must be sorted by UniqueParent in advance), the values in EmbedFields will be placed into a JSON structure inside the DestField in the first record of each UniqueParent

If the DestField does not already exist it will be created.

EmbedFields may contain a specific list of fields to include, or it may specify a FieldBase.* wildcard format to indicate all fields in the work query that start with "FieldBase."

The EmbedFields may include field bases and wildcards as follows:

The Options parameter may contain the same as those available in the JsonStrearm$ function


A complete example, including the use of this embedded JSON data, can be found on the JsonStream$ page.