Takes 4 parameters, TableName, Relation, OtherTableName, IfLenFld


This combined Database command first calls New using TableName, then calls Attach.

The Relation parameter must be set to either "Child" or "Parent", and is in the context of what is OtherTableName to TableName.


TableName, Relation, OtherTableName, IfLenFld
TableName, Relation, OtherTableName, [""]
[WorkWith], Relation, OtherTableName, IfLenFld
[WorkWith], Relation, OtherTableName, [""]
TableName, Relation, OtherTableName, [WorkIf]
[WorkWith], Relation, OtherTableName, [WorkIf]


    Rem 'Save to database
        SetNew         "Biz.Class.Alias", Req.Path
        WorkWith     "Biz.Register"
            Pull              ("Parent1FirstName  Parent1MiddleInitial  Parent1LastName  Parent1HomeAddress" && _
                            "Parent1Occupation  Parent1PrimaryPhone  Parent1SecondaryPhone  Parent1Employer" && _
                            "Parent1WorkAddress  Parent1WorkHours  Parent1Email  Parent1MaritalStatus  Parent1Custodial" && _
                            "Parent2FirstName  Parent2MiddleInitial  Parent2LastName" && _
                            "Parent2HomeAddress  Parent2Occupation  Parent2PrimaryPhone  Parent2SecondaryPhone  Parent2Employer" && _
                            "Parent2WorkAddress  Parent2WorkHours  Parent2Email  Parent2MaritalStatus" && _
                            "Parent2Custodial  ChildFirstName  ChildMiddleName  ChildLastName" && _
                            "ChildPreferredName  ChildAge  ChildSchool  ChildGrade  ChildTeacher  ChildSchoolTransportation" && _
                            "ChildAddress  ChildGender  ChildDOB  ChildPhone")
            SetNew          "Alias", "*"
        End WorkWith
        NewWithAttach     "Biz.Register", "Parent", "Biz.Class"