Takes two parameters, Name, Value


The Database stored Session Data referenced by Name will be updated with Value. If the Name does not exist, it will be created. Values from the Session Data can be retrieved using Session$ 

As the name implies, these values are associated with the user's login session. They are stored in the Extra field of the Session table. If the user is not logged in, the unique Browser ID as stored in Req.Unique is used as the Session Alias to accommodate this functionality.

The Session values are intended to store server side state values similar to client side cookies, but cannot be read or altered by the client. The total size of these names and values in a single system should never be much larger than a typical session record itself or else it can impact system-wide performance. A good guideline here is to be confident using them for their intended purpose, but keep them small and do not exceed 1KB; anything larger should be in user related records or files.


Session "Finance.AllowUpdateOverride", "y"