Takes 7 parameters, Location, Mode, Title, TitleLink, Class, HtmlPre, HtmlApn



Use EnsureNavFields to Ensure the list of Fields that the HtmlNavbar and HtmlNav command uses exist in the Query. Typically, you would have setup the Query to contain all of the information you wish to use to build a menu with ahead of time, then call EnsureNavFields, and then Set or Build your data into each of the Nav Fields. At the moment, the fields are:

Once you have a Query with the above Fields in it and all of the values set as you wish, use the HtmlNav or HtmlNavbar commands to place the Nav on the page.

HtmlNav Location, Mode, Title, TitleLink, Class, HtmlPre, HtmlApn
HtmlNav Location, Mode, Title, TitleLink, Class, HtmlPre, [""]
HtmlNav Location, Mode, Title, TitleLink, Class, [""], [""]
HtmlNav Location, Mode, Title, TitleLink, [""], [""], [""]
HtmlNav Location, ["Append"], Title, TitleLink, [""], [""], [""]
HtmlNav ["Runtime"], ["Append"], Title, TitleLink, [""], [""], [""]
HtmlNav ["Runtime"], ["Append"], Title, [""], [""], [""], [""]
HtmlNav ["Runtime"], ["Append"], [""], [""], [""], [""], [""]

Like the Location and Mode Parameters for other Html commands, if these Parameters are specified but left blank they will be populated with "Runtime" and "Append" respectfully.

For the HtmlNav command, if the Title is not blank, it will be wrapped in a panel, and then the Title will be panel-heading. If the Title is blank, there will be no wrapping divs, so you can roll your own wrapping. For HtmlNavbar, if the Title is blank the entire brand link will not be included.

Like the Class Parameters for other Html commands, if this command starts with a leading & symbol, then each of the space separated items in the list will have navbar- added in front of each named item and those will be placed after "navbar ".

The fixed parameter may be blank to not use a navbar-fixed class, or it may be set to "top" or "bottom". If using a fixed navbar, be sure to add padding to the, as per notes in the Bootstrap documentation for the Navbar.

The bNotResponsive option prevents placing the items under a dropdown menu to the right of the Title on the left when on a small screen or in a small container. The bInverted option changes the color scheme from light to dark. In both of these cases, this command is managing the correct class(es) to the Navbar for you in addition to reshaping the code as required.

The HtmlPre and HtmlApn Parameters allows you to place blocks of HTML before or after theblock and within the .nav-collapse

-- this allows you to easily add a search box for example. A possible use for these Parameters is to just place a new custom Template Insertion point there, and then in another command reference that Insertion point for the Location Parameter, such as HtmlSearchBox.

*Note: These new commands are only designed for use with Bootstrap Templates. However, they will still produce output for non-Bootstrap Templates that may nonetheless be useful.*