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HtmlBlock / End HtmlBlock

Takes two parameters, Location, Mode


HtmlBlocks / End HtmlBlocks

Takes two parameters, Location, Mode


Rem / EndRem

A type of Prefix which allows the developer to separate blocks of code into organized, defined parts to help provide clarity of the logical block and add structure to the code.



Takes a single string as parameter, which is then appended to each line in the code block.



Has no params



Takes one parameter, FieldName



Takes three parameters, Login, Password, bRememberMe



Takes one parameter, Source


Try / Catch / Finally / End Try

A traditional way to check for hard errors and enable those errors to error softly.


[Pull] List of Fields from another Query

Takes three parameters, QueryName, FieldBase, FieldNames



Private Method contained within a given procedure.


Select / Case / End Select

Takes a variable number of conditional statements to compare against a single source



Takes six parameters, FieldBase, Destination, Source, Left, Comparison, Right



Takes 5 parameters, FieldBase, GroupBy, MergeField, Delimiter, bKeepBlanks



Takes five parameters, FieldBase, FieldList, Mask, bBlanks2Zero, IfLenFld



Takes two parameters, FieldBase, PivotField



Takes two parameters, WorkFieldBase + FieldToParse, Delimiter



Takes no parameters



Takes one parameter, EscapedHTMLString, and returns the Unescaped Version of this string



Takes one parameter, EscapedHTMLString, and returns the Unescaped Version of this string



Takes three parameters, Login, Password, bRememberMe



Takes three parameters, QueryName, FieldBase, FieldNames


Help with Markdown

Markdown enables simple formatting of plain text via easy to remember conventions. This page will provide you with some pointers on what formatting options are available with "Moxie Flavored Markdown".


Learn More about Frontend Development

Prerequisites: This tutorial assumes that you have already set up a Category and Procedure if necessary. This page covers some of the basics that are involved in Front End development using the MOX language.


MOX Coding and Programing Language Syntax Documentation

The MOX coding and programming language pays heritage to BASIC, but has been crafted for the specific type of work and environment that is demanded of Moxie.Build.


Style Guide, Procedures and Code Documentation

In order for source code to be more readily readable across teams, it is recommended that your source code always be styled according to this style guide.



Takes 6 parameters, Location, Mode, Div, Data, Script, Extra



Takes 10 parameters, Location, Mode, Title, TitleLink, Class, Fixed, bUseContainer, bNotResponsive, bInverted, HtmlPre, HtmlApn



Takes four parameters, FieldBase, Destination, Source, IfLenFld


Get Started with Setting up the Development Environment

Developing in Moxie.Build on localhost give you the advantage of working with the template files natively. When working on procedures (MOX code) you need to access that through the Procedures page in the Admin area of a Moxie.Build system, if running the server on localhost or on a remote server. When running on a remote server, you can edit the template files via the Files page in the Admin area.



Takes 7 parameters, Location, Mode, Title, TitleLink, Class, HtmlPre, HtmlApn


Export and Import of Database Schema

ExportSchema and ImportSchema are BuiltIn procedures that are available for use with source control systems.



Takes one parameter, ProcedureName


If (Not) / Then

Takes a single Field name, with an optional Not operator, followed by the conditional statement



Takes any unspecified data, intended for use by external systems



A set of instructions that can be called with parameters to run in the current scope.



An Include Procedure cannot be executed directly, the contents of its source code can only be Included into other Procedures using the Include command.


Folder and File Structure

Brief overview on the file structure and contents under Moxie. The files and folders discussed in this post are those that are essential when upgrading to the most recent version of Moxie.Build , or when troubleshooting server errors.


If (Not) / And / Or / ElseIf / End If

Takes a variable number of conditional statements



Takes a single parameter, a QueryName



Web/API Development Platform with an in-memory database, native-code CMS, and a powerful runtime environment Whether you are a new startup taking off or optimizing your business model for growth, Moxie.Build provides a robust platform with a proven track record for marketplaces, eCommerce, and business process automation