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[Footer] Raw HTML

Accepts one parameter which is the raw HTML content to be placed in the form, below the Field's location.



Takes one existing Source value, and two parameters of equal length, SearchVals, NewVals



Takes 3 parameters, ParentTableName, ChildTableName, IfLenFld



Takes two parameters, FieldBase, FieldNames


Moxie.cfg Config

The Moxie.cfg file is read on server start and controls aspects that cannot be changed while the server is running


Cloudflare Origin Certificates

Cloudflare automatically provides free client-facing certificates for your domain, even if using their free service. In addition, they provide free Origin Certificates to encrypt the connection between Cloudflare and your origin Moxie.Build server. Use this article if you are going to have Cloudflare connect to inbound open ports on your Moxie.Build server.


[ ? ] Pick First (Top Query)

Parameter is a space separated list of fields to choose from


Nightly Management Utility

This utility program manages a server install with one or many Moxie.Build services running by taking care of nightly tasks via a scheduled task



Takes two parameters, FieldBase, FieldNamesList



Takes six parameters, FieldBase, GroupByField, Destination, Action, Source, IfLenFld



Takes two parameters, FileName, Options



Takes 6 parameters, Location, Mode, Div, Data, Script, Extra



Takes 5 parameters, Location, Mode, Class/ID, Init, bNoAutoAlign



Takes a variable number of parameters, FieldBase, Test1, Test2, [etc...]



Takes 4 parameters, FieldBase, Left, Comparison, Right



Takes three parameters, QueryName, FieldBase, FieldNames



Takes no parameters



Takes a single string as parameter, which is then appended to each line in the code block.


Learn More About the Content Management System

Prerequisites: This page assumes that you have already set up your Moxie.Build server and logged in as an admin user. This page covers some of the basics that are involved in using the Content Management aspects of the Moxie.Build system.



Learn More About Managing Files

Prerequisites: This tutorial assumes that you have already set up your Moxie.Build server and logged in. This page covers some of the basics that are involved in managing files and folders in the Moxie.Build system.


Get Started with Service Setup on a Server

A single Windows OS can host many instances of Moxie.Build, these steps will guide you through the setup process.


Get Started with Setting up the Development Environment

Developing in Moxie.Build on localhost give you the advantage of working with the template files natively. When working on procedures (MOX code) you need to access that through the Procedures page in the Admin area of a Moxie.Build system, if running the server on localhost or on a remote server. When running on a remote server, you can edit the template files via the Files page in the Admin area.


[Header] Raw HTML

Accepts one parameter which is the raw HTML content to be placed in the form, above the Field's location.



Takes one parameter, QueryName



Takes three parameters, Url, SaaSTenant, InputQuery, OutputQuery


Message Handler

A Message Handler is only ever called by the Database on a Database Event. These Event Messages allow a Developer to intercept operations taking place on a per-record level and implement Event based business logic.


[!] Limited Selection List

Parameter is a comma separated list (using CSV rules and not in quotes) of the options made available to the user which are enforced on save. To use different values than labels, for each comma separated pair, specify the value first inside of { } followed by the label.

If the Parameter is just the single word Checkbox, then instead of a drop down list with values, the user will be given a single checkbox: If the field is unchecked the value will be blank, and if it is checked the value will be "y".

When this attribute is used with a Top Query in MOX, it will ensure the field value matches one of the options; if not, it will throw a run time error.


Folder and File Structure

Brief overview on the file structure and contents under Moxie. The files and folders discussed in this post are those that are essential when upgrading to the most recent version of Moxie , or when troubleshooting server errors.