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Takes one parameter, the text of the error to throw.


[State] Error State

Takes one parameter.



Has no parameters


OnError (Continue)

Used as a scoping keyword, similar to WorkWith/End WorkWith .



Takes no parameters.



Try / Catch / Finally / End Try

A traditional way to check for hard errors and enable those errors to error softly.



The email address that will receive any run time errors that a website encounters


[!] Limited Selection List

Parameter is a comma separated list (using CSV rules and not in quotes) of the options made available to the user which are enforced on save. If the Parameter is just the single word Checkbox, then instead of a drop down list with values, the user will be given a single checkbox: If the field is unchecked the value will be blank, and if it is checked the value will be "y". When used with a Top Query in MOX, this will ensure the field value matches one of the options, if not it will throw a run time error.



Takes two parameters, TableName and a boolean expression



Has no parameters



Takes four parameters, FieldBase, Destination, Source, IfLenFld



Takes 9 parameters, ServerName, Port, bSecure, Mode, Path, ContentType, extraHeader, body, rtnHeaders


[L] Lookup (Top Query)

Takes one parameter.



Takes three parameters, Location, ClassNames, AlertText



Takes 3 parameters, ParentTableName, ChildTableName, IfLenFld



Takes two parameters, Title, Path



Takes one parameter, ErrMsg



Takes seven parameters, FieldBase, Destination, Source, bAny, Delimiter, Item, IfLenFld



Takes two parameters, FieldBase, FieldNames



Takes three parameters, FieldBase, OldFieldName, NewFieldName



Takes no parameters.



Takes four parameters, FieldBase, Destination, Function, IfLenFld



A command to help build spreadsheets



Takes two parameters, FieldBase, FieldNames



Takes two parameters, FromIndex, ToIndex



Takes two parameters, TableName, IfLenFld



Takes 4 parameters, TableName, Relation, OtherTableName, and a boolean expression (optional)



Takes 3 parameters, ParentTableName, ChildTableName, and a boolean expression (optional)



Takes three parameters, Login, Password, bRememberMe



Takes two parameters, TableName, IfLenFld



Takes two parameters, TableName, IfLenFld



Takes two parameters, TableName, IfLenFld


Message Handler

A Message Handler is only ever called by the Database on a Database Event. These Event Messages allow a Developer to intercept operations taking place on a per-record level and implement Event based business logic.


[Raw] Raw HTML

Accepts one parameter which is the raw HTML content to be placed in the form at the Field's location.


[Ensure] Field Exists

Takes a variable number of parameters, a comma separated list of TopQuery variable names



Takes one parameter, the Name of the critical section



Get Started with Setting up the Development Environment

Developing in Moxie.Build on localhost give you the advantage of working with the template files natively. When working on procedures (MOX code) you need to access that through the Procedures page in the Admin area of a Moxie.Build system, if running the server on localhost or on a remote server. When running on a remote server, you can edit the template files via the Files page in the Admin area.


Overview for PHP Developers

This hands-on experience article is written by an experienced PHP developer, and serves as an overview to help you understand the similarities and differences.



Moxie.Build, in short, may be used and licensed free of charge for education, development, or non-profit organizations. Whenever it is deployed by government or for-profit organizations to a production environment the license is granted on a subscription basis.

Moxie.Build includes a number of open source components as part of its distribution; each is subject to their own licenses as included with the files for those components.



Takes one parameter, OutputText



Takes one parameter, Value



Takes one parameter, TestCondition


Nightly Management Utility

This utility program manages a server install with one or many Moxie.Build services running by taking care of nightly tasks via a scheduled task



Has one parameter.



Takes one parameter, a Label


[Reset] Fields

Has no parameters



Takes one parameter, QueryName