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Moxie.Build, in short, may be used and licensed free of charge for education and non-profit organizations. Whenever it is used by government or for-profit organizations the license is granted on a subscription basis.

Moxie.Build includes a number of open source components as part of its distribution; each is subject to their own licenses as included with the files for those components.


[If] Assignment (Top Query)

Parameter is divided into two parts, the Test and the Result if True. The test comes prior to the keyword of Then and the Result if True comes after.


Remote Method

A Remote Method may be called by any other Moxie system. It can be used to divide up a large system among a number of backend servers, or as a public API for 3rd parties. In order to call a Remote Method from MOX, the Remote statement is used.


[If] Assignment (DB Field Attribute)

Parameter is divided into two parts, the Test and the Result if True. The test comes prior to the keyword of Then and the Result if True comes after.


Rem / EndRem

A type of Prefix which allows the developer to separate blocks of code into organized, defined parts to help provide clarity of the logical block and add structure to the code.



Takes one parameter, QueryName


Cloudflare Integration

Cloudflare is a first and foremost a Web Application Firewall and Content Distribution Network, among other additional services



Takes one parameter, EscapedTemplate, and returns the Unescaped Version of this string



Takes one parameter, Source



Takes two parameters, Source, Search



Takes 5 parameters, DestinationQuery, SourceQuery, DestinationMatchField, SourceMatchField, Mode



Takes one parameter, a List of possible group types


Using the Backtick `

Some Work Query command parameters can accept a source of either a Work Query Field name or a text literal. Text literals in these cases are prefixed with a backtick ` character.


Nightly Management Utility

This utility program manages a server install with one or many Moxie.Build services running by taking care of nightly tasks via a scheduled task



Has one parameter, Options



Takes one parameter, TestCondition


Cloudflared Tunnel

Cloudflared Tunnel exposes applications running on your local web server on any network with an internet connection with an outbound tunnel that connects directly to Cloudflare's edge network without the need to configure inbound firewall rules.


Cloudflare Origin Certificates

Cloudflare automatically provides free client-facing certificates for your domain, even if using their free service. In addition, they provide free Origin Certificates to encrypt the connection between Cloudflare and your origin Moxie.Build server. Use this article if you are going to have Cloudflare connect to inbound open ports on your Moxie.Build server.


Moxie.cfg Config

The Moxie.cfg file is read on server start and controls aspects that cannot be changed while the server is running



Takes one parameter, HtmlEscapedString, and returns the Unescaped Version of this string


PaaS Method

A PaaS Method may be called by any other Moxie system. In order to call a PaaS Method from MOX, the PaaS statement is used.



Takes three parameters, Location, ClassNames, AlertText



Has no parameters.



Learn More about Frontend Development

Prerequisites: This tutorial assumes that you have already set up a Category and Procedure if necessary. This page covers some of the basics that are involved in Front End development using the MOX language.



Takes one parameter, a single character



Takes one parameter, FieldBaseToTrim



Takes six parameters, FieldBase, GroupByField, Destination, Action, Source, IfLenFld



Takes a variable number of parameters, FieldBase, Test1, Test2, [etc...]



Takes one parameter, FilePath



Parameter is a space separated list of field names to have the display table sorted by when displaying search results in the Admin interface.



Parameter is a space separated list of field names to be displayed when the user is viewing results from the Search List in the Admin interface.


Export and Import of Database Schema

ExportSchema and ImportSchema are BuiltIn procedures that are available for use with source control systems.



Parameter is a space separated list of field names to be displayed.


[Score] 0.0 to 10

Accepts 3 parameters, first is required, 2nd and 3rd are optional. A trailing optional expression after an = sign may also assign a value on the same line.


MOX Coding and Programing Language Syntax Documentation

The MOX coding and programming language pays heritage to BASIC, but has been crafted for the specific type of work and environment that is demanded of Moxie.Build.


Privacy Policy

This is our current Privacy Policy, last updated 2016-01-12.


[!] Limited Selection List

Parameter is a comma separated list (using CSV rules and not in quotes) of the options made available to the user which are enforced on save. To use different values than labels, for each comma separated pair, specify the value first inside of { } followed by the label.

If the Parameter is just the single word Checkbox, then instead of a drop down list with values, the user will be given a single checkbox: If the field is unchecked the value will be blank, and if it is checked the value will be "y".

When this attribute is used with a Top Query in MOX, it will ensure the field value matches one of the options; if not, it will throw a run time error.


Terms of Service

This is our current Terms of Service, last updated 2016-01-12.